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A simple and unique skin care routine 😍 | Vilvah | #FYI | Abhirami Suresh| Amrutha Suresh| RJ Raghu

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Try it out yourselves to experience the goodness 🙂

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SIMPLE NIGHT TIME SKINCARE ROUTINE + teeth whitening at home | arnellarmon

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hiiiii, I really enjoyed filming this for some odd reason lol it was fun! this video is sponsored by Be Transcedent however all opinions are my own!

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Serum (my fav)

Scar Gel
Steamer ( I dont have a code but please find one *its so easy most people have one lol just not me sorry :/* but you can get it for less than this price! )

If the link looks like this * * its an affiliate link! Some are commission based depending on the brand and some are ones I can track just to see who is interested in what products 🙂

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