Apryl Brown always wanted to have a curvier figure. But the desire to get this unattainable body type — and a bargain silicone injection – nearly cost her her life, and all four of her limbs.

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The beauty of a woman was inspired by my wedding day to show the passionate nature of the culture and the dress that I wore at my wedding. This inspirational video gives me the thought to show the beauty of nature and poses that I made in front of the camera, embracing the natural flowers and seasons for a whole year before and after my marriage.
Get inspired by the beauty of yourself, write a quote, and make a video and show your love to the entire world by spreading positive thoughts in your inner soul.

Beauty of a woman
Beauty of a woman inspires the mother nature
Beauty of a woman inspires the surrounding
Beauty of a woman inspires the human being
Beauty of a woman inspires the world
Beauty of a woman inspires the soul
Beauty of a woman inspires the heart
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