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What Albinism taught me about beauty: A young woman's inspiring story of self-acceptance

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Born with Albinism, Sethu Mbuli knows more than most women about the struggle to come to terms with one’s appearance. As a black woman in a white skin, the 22-year-old has had to overcome prejudice and discrimination to arrive at valuable insights about beauty and self esteem.

Through pursuing a career in the South African media industry, she now hopes to help change the public perception of people living with Albinism.

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What Makes a Woman With Albinism Feel Beautiful | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

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What Makes a Woman With Albinism Feel Beautiful | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

Connie Chiu tells us how she struggled with albinism as a child, and how she hasn’t let it limit her.

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What Makes a Woman With Albinism Feel Beautiful | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

Starring: Connie Chiu
Director: StyleLikeU
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Parisian beauty has been famous around the world for centuries. Yes French women don’t bicycle to work with a bucket bag full of croissants every morning (or maybe they still do, a young Brigitte Bardot at 0:32 ???), but the depiction of the French girl archetype remains shockingly stagnant. The key to the aesthetic is to look effortless. Parisians put all their money into keeping their skin naturally radiant and clear, rather than on good foundations or concealers. It’s all about glowing and great-looking skin, 2:47-3:31. A healthy diet in the form of lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts and drink a glass of red (why not?) is necessary for healthy skin and hair. No need for layers of foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, etc. etc, etc….simplicity is the key 0:55, 1:59, 4:09. When wearing something really chic, they go easy on the makeup. If they are wearing only a shirt and a pair of jeans, a red lipstick could do the trick. The goal of makeup is not to cover or hide. A Parisian friend of mine once told me that she uses makeup to show her lifestyle. When she wears lipstick, she dabs it off with her finger, so it looks like she is she is glowing with health. The effortless French-girl style is so ingrained in her DNA that she doesn’t realise she is following them. Her choice of clothes revolves around attracting attention to the body without showing too much skin.
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