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Anti Aging Doctor's Key to Looking Younger | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1234 w/David Sinclair:

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Looking younger than you are // RANT

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Looking younger than you are // RANT

Looking younger than you are is a real struggle sometimes. Not necessarily because it’s a bad thing (it’s not at all actually), but because of comments you might be getting from others. And because it’s been bothering me for literally so many years here’s a video of me going on a rant. Yes, I like complaining. Yes, I will probably post more rant videos because I find it very liberating. Enjoy!

Love, Esther




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Women's Secrets to Looking Half Their Age

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You won’t believe how old these women are after you see their faces! Guests Noreen and Meli spill their anti-aging secrets – all easy, at-home tips that don’t require a facelift or perfect genes.

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Eight ways to stay looking young for life| Dr Dray

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Hey guys! Today I am giving you my top 8 ways to stay looking young for life. It is never too late to start these 8 habits for younger looking skin.
1. Protect yourself from the sun.
2. Relax your face & stop scowling
3. Sleep 8-9 hours a night
4. Eat whole foods, not processed junk.
5. Don’t smoke
6. Don’t drink excessively
7. Exercise
8. Consider topical vitamin A (i.e. tretinoin/Retin A, tazarotene/tazorac, adapalene/differin, retinol, retinaldehyde)

EltaMD UV physical
Cotz prime and protect SPF40
Cotz flawless complexion tinted spf50
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Coppertone pure & simple
CVS clear zinc
Walgreens baby
Walgreens sensitive
Walgreens clear zinc
Vanicream SPF 50
Neutrogena sensitive skin SPF
Skinceuticals UV defense
Colorescience total protection SPF

💜Sun protective clothing/hats
Hat (woment)
Hat (men)
My sunglasses
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UV face mask
UPF scarf
Neck gaiter


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Bryce Wylde talks about what foods we should be eating to help our body appear more youthful.
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